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From a long time, Indians used to cook food in a small clay half cylindrical shaped furnace called chulah. They used wood, coal oruplah(waste of cow) as fuel in the chulah.
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This idea evolved and took the shape of tandoor which is cylindrical in shape with a small round mouth on the top. Now tandoor became popular to cook food in fast food restaurants also known as dhaba in India

Now a days chulahs has been replaced by gas ovens in most of the kitchens in India. Although a big part of the country in rural areas uses chulahs in their kitchens. People also use Angithi in most of the houses which looks like small tandoor.

Out of ChulahAngithi and Tandoor, Tandoor is used for commercial purposes in dhaba, restaurants and many big hotels in India as well as 
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in other countries. Tandoor is very popular among punjabi people that is why it is exported in large quantities from India to Canada. 

Now several tandoor manufacturers are there in India who can provide you tandoors in foreign land as well. One of the oldest manufacturers are

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Ram Chander & Sons who provide you one of best hand made tandoors. The founder of the company was late Mr. Ram Chander. Now the company is managed by their three sons Mr. Prem raj, Mr. Dinesh kumar and Mr. Naveen kumar. After the successful growth of the company tandoors are still made by hands of the three sons  which is why this company is different from other companies who provide tandoors.

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